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Publication Pomorskie Voivodship in figures 2018

The folder presents basic statistical information regarding social-economic situation of Pomorskie Voivodship in 2018, among others data about environmental protection, population, labour market, wages and salaries, households, dwellings, education, health care, culture, tourism, agriculture, industry, construction, maritime economy, transport, trade, finances and entities of the national economy. The elaboration shows also major data on Pomorskie Voivodsip on the background the country and the cities with county rights: Gdansk, Gdynia, Slupsk and Sopot.

Publication Statistical Bulletin of Pomorskie Voivodship - II quarter 2018

Basic indicators covering socioeconomic situation of the voivodship, among others: labour market and earnings, prices, finance, agriculture, industry and construction, trade, maritime economy and public safety.

Publication Statistical atlas of pomorskie voivodship

In 2018, 100 years have passed since the establishment of Statistics Poland. On this occasion, the Statistical Office in Gdańsk prepared the ”Statistical Atlas of Pomorskie Voivodship”. The publication comprises maps and statistical graphs depicting data from the field of human capital, quality of life, economy and environment. The information is presented by gminas as well as powiats and voivodships. The study also shows selected data for regions NUTS 2 of the European Union. Socio-economic and environmental phenomena included in the publication are a significant element of the cohesion policy. The basic information is displayed on maps, mainly for 2016, and to some extent also for 2000 or 2010. To illustrate changes and expand the thematic scope with additional information, some of the issues are presented in charts, mostly in retrospect since 2010.

Publication Tourism in Pomorskie Voivodship in 2013-2017

The volume consists of methodological notes which contain definitions of essential concepts and indicators, as well as survey methods and sources of information used in the publication. Moreover, the publication includes analytical commentary enriched with graphs presenting selected phenomena and statistical tables. Data in tables are displayed in cross-territorial breakdown by subregions, powiats and gminas, as well as against national and regional indicators (by voivodships).

Publication Demographic situation of Pomorskie Voivodship in 2017

Demographic situation of Pomorskie Voivodship in 2017 has replaced the annual Population, vital statistics and migration in Pomorskie Voivodship. The study endeavours to analyse the demographic situation and processes occurring during a time series of over a decade, and indicates the directions of changes and basic trends.

Publication Agriculture in Pomorskie Voivodship in 2017

The elaboration consists of the methodological notes which contain essential definitions of concepts and indicators, synthesis of results of surveys enriched with graphs Data in tables are grouped in seven thematic chapters including land use, agricultural output, procurement and prices of agricultural products and selected means of production used in agriculture. The applied terminology, classifications and data grouping allow for comparisons against the country and regional data.

Publication Structural changes of groups of the national economy entities in the Regon register in Pomorskie Voivodship, 2017

The publications data regarding the number and structure of the national economy entities entered in the National Official Business Register (REGON) at the end of 2017, against the respective data as of the end of 2016.

Publication Statistical Yearbook of Pomorskie Voivodship 2017

The Statistical Office in Gdańsk presents a successive edition of The Statistical Yearbook of the Pomorskie Voivodship. The publication comprises a wide range of statistical information characterizing the social and economic situation, as well as the condition of the natural environment in the voivodship. Statistical data are grouped in 23 thematic chapters. They are preceded by general notes (including detailed explanation of methodology and scope of the study) and the review tables.

Publication Pomorskie Voivodship 2017. Subregions, powiats, gminas

The elaboration is rich in statistical information characterizing socio-economic situation and the condition of environment in the Voivodship by subregions, powiats and gminas. The elaboration makes a valuable supplement to the content of the simultaneously issued Yearbook. The presentation of statistical data grouped in 16 thematic chapters is preceded by general notes which explain the applied definitions and notions in brief – their more detailed version can be found in the Statistical Yearbook of Pomorskie Voivodship 2017.

Publication Characteristics of continung vocational training in enterprises in 2015

The volume consists of general and methodological notes, analytical commentary and statistical tables. The notes present the concept of the survey, its subjective and objective scope, the principles of sampling, explanation of basic concepts and assessment of completeness of the survey. The analytical part describes the most important issues characterizing the discussed subject. Statistical tables are the essential part of the publication.
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