Human capital in Poland in 2010

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Date of publication: 16.01.2013

Publication of Human Capital in Poland in 2010, is based on a system of sub-indices allowing for undertaking independent research and analysis at local, regional and national level in the following areas: demography, health, education, labor, culture, science, technology and innovation, and economic and social determinants of human capital development. The data presented in this publication are from the collection of official statistics and the non-statistical sources.

For the purposes of this publication follows the definition of the OECD stating that: human capital is the knowledge, skills, abilities and other relevant entity attributes to facilitate the creation of personal, social and economic welfare. This study is the first of a series of publications on the state of the CSO human capital in Poland.

By: voivodships, subregions, powiats, sections and divisions of PKD, ownership sectors