Accidents at work in Pomorskie Voivodship in 2011

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Date of publication: 30.11.2012

The publication comprises a wide range of statistical information about accidents at work (with excepti on of private agricultural farms) was prepared on the basis of the data gathered through a stati sti calcard on accidents at work. The elaboration consists of the methodological notes which contain essential definiti ons of concepts and indicators, synthesis of results of the survey enriched with graphs as well as stati sti caltables. Data in tables present detailed informati on on place and cause of the accident, type of injury, absenteeism resulting from the accident and material losses related to the event. The information is available in cross-territorial secti ons by subregions and powiats as well as against the background of the indicators of the country and other voivodships. The data by kind of activity was grouped according to the Polish Classificati on of Acti viti es – NACE Rev. 2.

By: voivodship, powiats, sections and selected divisions of PKD 2007, ownership sectors