Structural changes of groups of the national economy entities in REGON register in Pomorskie Voivodship in 2013

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Date of publication: 27.03.2014

The publications contains data regarding the number and structure of the national economy entities entered in the National Official Business Register (REGON) at the end of 2013, against the respective data as of the end of 2012.
The publication consists of general notes, glossary of selected terms including a description of the aim and the scope of REGON register, selected terms and defi nitions used in the register, a description of basic data groupings as well as a tabular part. The elaboration is enriched with schemes, graphs and maps which illustrate selected groups of entities, i.e. state owned enterprises, commercial companies (in breakdown by type), civil law partnerships, cooperatives, foundations, associations and social organizations as well as natural persons conducting economic activity (excluding persons tending private farms in agriculture). The numerical data on the entities are presented in tables arranged according to ownership sector, legal status, size determined on the basis of estimated number of employed persons, by type of capital in the case of commercial companies, by sections and divisions of the Polish Classifi cation of Activities PKD and the territorial division into subregions, powiats and gminas, as well as against other voivodships. Moreover, the publication provides information regarding both the newly registered and the deleted entities.

By: voivodship, subregions, powiats, gminas, sections and divisions of the Polish Classification of Activities 2007

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