Agriculture in Pomorskie Voivodship in 2015

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Date of publication: 30.06.2016

The Statistical Office in Gdańsk presents a successive edition of Agriculture in Pomorskie Voivodship.
The presented data were obtained on the basis of aggregated results from reports and sample surveys, local experts’ estimates and evaluations as well as results of Agricultural Census 2010. Moreover, in other to illustrate more fully the dynamics of changes in prices of agricultural products and livestock received by farmers on marketplaces, monthly price quotations provided by a network of the Statistical Office interviewers were used.

The elaboration consists of the methodological notes which contain essential definitions of concepts and indicators, synthesis of results of surveys enriched with graphs, as well as statistical tables. Data in tables are grouped in eight thematic chapters including land use, agricultural output, procurement and prices of agricultural products, selected means of production used in agriculture and information concerning organic holdings.

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